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Web stats tracking with thousands of stat properties.

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  • No ads and no branding.
  • Stats of a property can be iframed anywhere using your API key.
  • Global stats of all your properties.
  • A stat property can by everything: website, blog, subdomain, articles from a certain author etc. You specify any ID number you want in the tracking script.
  • Stats are collected and processed in real time.

Use cases

  • WordPress Multisite using our simple plugin.
  • Website creation tools. Display an iframe of stats in the admin for each user.
  • Content platforms such as A seperate stat property for each content author.
  • Webmasters with lots of websites.


I built Redistats primarly for use in my website creator Users love it.

Jim Westergren

We are serious about privacy

  • We do not use any cookies (except for administrator login).
  • We do not store any IP numbers.
  • Server access logs permanently deleted each minute.
  • Company behind Redistats located in South America.
  • Data stored in a single dedicated server in Germany outside of USA (with german privacy laws).
  • Disclosure of any data to third party requires legal court order from a court in Bolivia.
  • You can anytime permanently remove all data.
  • See our Privacy Policy.

We are serious about performance

  • State of the art dedicated server: Intel Core i7-920 Quadcore, 48 GB RAM and 1 Gbit/s.
  • Modern, proven technologies: NGINX, Redis, SPDY, PHP-FPM, MySQL.
  • Tracking is a single 5 byte GET request with async loading.
  • All stats data saved in Redis using mostly integers in hashes for minimal memory consumption and optimal speed.
  • Stats including global stats loaded in under a second.

Our plans:

Free Starter Standard Premium Enterprise Unlimited*
Number of stat properties 5 100 15 000 50 000 100 000 Unlimited
Pageviews per month 75 000 1,5 million 5 million 10 million 15 million Unlimited
Monthly price (subject to change) $0/month $19/month $179/month $349/month $590/month $590/month
Price during beta until 2017 Free Free Free Free Free Free

* With the unlimited plan you need to provide us your own Redis instance.

Used and trusted by

Microsoft is using Redistats for their Israel's Blogging Community.

The website builder is using Redistats for their 50 000+ users.

Bloggproffs is a blog platform based on WordPress Multisite and uses the Redistats WP Plugin for their 15 000+ blogs.