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Owner: TodaysWeb Ltda.
Copyright: TodaysWeb Ltda. all rights reserved. (might change to open source in the future)
Architect: Jim Westergren
Developer: John Ledezma and Jim Westergren

Our stats are simple

The stats has been built for beginners to understand to make it easy for users of for example website creation tools. A single page gives a direct overview of all the important things to know with links to filter, change dates and show detailed stats.

For advanced web analytics with for example conversion tracking we refer to other systems.

How we count visits

First of all we block all known bots from accessing the track script including referrer spam. We set a 30 minute unique identifier (not cookie) based on IP and user agent. The expiration of the identifier is restarted to 30 minutes for every pageview. If a visitor does not have an identifier it is counted as a visit.

We want to get as close as possible to the number reported by Google Analytics and this is the same how they count.

Lists of recent popular

The following lists of recent popular are given in the stats report:

It is important to know that unlike many other web stats only visits are counted towards the above lists (except Popular Pages). In the case of Referrers and Search Terms see below.

Counting of Referrers and Search Terms

Only visits are counted but if the same visiter visits with another referrer which is not the same as his first one and not Direct then that one is also counted. For example a user makes a search on Google and visits an article. 15 minutes later he makes another Google search and reads another article on the same website. In this case Google Organic will increase by 2 and both the first and the second Search Term will be counted.

Internal referrers within the same stat propery and the same domain or subdomain is not counted and shows up as empty in the hits table.

If a visitor has turned off referrers in the browser then the first hit will count as Direct (1 count) and the others hits empty (like internal traffic).

Grouping of referrers

Redistats group together the following types of referrers:

With organic is here meant non-paid search traffic including image search.

Expiration of data

Key to keeping Redistats memory efficient and fast is to expire old data. These rules applies the same both for the global stats and for each stat property.

Graphs over visits and page views

24 months.

Counting the lists of recent popular with their graphs

90 days.

Detailed data over every hit

30 days or maximum 5 000 whichever comes first.

Our use of cookies

Redistats uses the following cookies:

The Redistats API

See our API documentation page.


The stat report is in english, spanish and swedish and perhaps more languages in the future. This is specified using a simple GET parameter to the iframe URL.

The search term [not provided]

This means that a user did a search on Google but the search term was hidden. This happens when the user is logged into Google when performing the search.

Our name

The name Redistats is a mix of the words Redis, ready and stats.

Our blog

Our blog can be seen here and we host our blog with which is also built by Jim. Ease of use, template customization and built in displaying of code.