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Privacy Policy

We are serious about privacy.

Redistats is a project owned by TodaysWeb Ltda. which is a company in Bolivia. It is built by Jim Westergren.

Disclosure of any data to third party requires legal court order from a court in Bolivia.

Number of times any personal data or tracking data was provided to any third party since the start in february 2013: 0

The only personal information Redistats is saving is name and email and that is only during account registration for administrators and can be deleted at any moment. In the future we might enable payment for account administrators and then some billing information would have to be collected in order to make the payment possible and provide a valid invoice.

Redistats is hosted in a single dedicated server in Germany, protected by the privacy laws of Germany.

No IP numbers are stored anywhere. IP numbers of visitors loading the tracking script are transformed to a 4 digit number for the sole purpose to differentiate visitors. It is impossible to transform this 4 digit number back to the correct IP number.

Hits data older than 30 days are automatically deleted.

Server access logs are automatically deleted each minute and are only looked at in case of server trouble shooting or server attacks. No personal data from server access logs are allowed to be saved.

There is no method or way for Jim Westergren or TodaysWeb to see statistics belonging to other account administrators. It is forbidden for us to do so and we have never done so.

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